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Mike Mangione Lyrics - Baggio's Well

Baggio's Well


It was early Sunday morning
And the sky hailed so blue
And I saw you stand
You had flowers in your hand
Across the pass was Baggio's Well
And I asked to be your lover
And I asked you to take my hand
And I walked to your side
Now that's where we reside
Across the pass by Baggio's Well

And the days they pass so slowly
With you there they drew so sweet
And it was your hands that saved this sinful man
Across the pass by Baggio's Well

And it was late Sunday evening
And our tempers reached a pitch
And you swore me dead
There was a letter on my bed
Said you were across from Baggio's Well
And storm came fierce and calling
And the hills were slick to step
And I heard you fell
Where you are they cannot tell
Across the pass from Baggio's Well

And I miss you flower baby
I will walk my days and nights
And I'll never rest
Until my head's upon your breast
Across from Baggio's Well

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