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Mike Mangione Lyrics - Great Divide

Great Divide


If I said to you
Please stop me as I'm leaving
Will you follow through
Or leave me for a lesson
A mystery turned blessing
Left to wonder
And miss my message rings
I can barely sing
These thoughts that I'm confessing
Words that I'm expressing
To one day walk and see the great divide

If I said to you
I can't hear your words they're broken
Will you kiss my ear
And teach these words you've spoken
Show me life is but a token
That forever makes then and now divide
Why do you hide
When I just yearn to hold you
And do these things I'm supposed to
And have a chance to walk and see the great divide

And if I said to you
You can't stop me now i"m leaving
Will you follow me
And protect me from disaster
And everything thereafter
Pulling strings wherever my feet lead
You don't have to say
Surprise me as I'm walking
Through homily or talking
And give me a chance
To walk and see the great divide

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