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Mike Mangione Lyrics - The Killing Floor

The Killing Floor


Tonight I'm coming back
For you
To free the dove like you want me to
All good draws pain
Without birth she flies in vain
And I see we've been running for the killing floor
And the pure we twisted 'til profane
I'll break the tide
If you blow out the flame
To fill these hearts full
We reach and grab for more
But I found we've been reaching for the killing floor
We can sing hallelujah
Hallelujah Halle Hallelujah
And the vulnerable have been crowned insane
We hide our burns in the colors of the flame
And the consensus conceals
What these tender wounds revealed
And we're surprised when our knees feel the killing floor
And the night my love has had its ways
My eyes have seen the secrets of where we lay
Wrapped deep in pride we take what's never been denied
With each step we bandage our sides to the killing floor
With each step we abandon our sight to the killing floor
We can sing hallelujah
Halle Hallelujah

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