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Mike Mangione Lyrics - Miles On My Mind

Miles On My Mind

There and Back

With the sunset clear and glowing
Water's keen reflection
Pines fresh and breathing
Eyes set in north directions
In a world so far in beauty
I feel so far behind
Even five hundred miles away
She's miles on my mind

It's the northern refuge of nature
That can hold my soul so deep
Although this force is so strong
It's in her arms I sleep
With all the riches it sets for me
I feel there's nothing to find
Even five hundred miles away, yeah, she's miles on my mind

When day comes, dreams are over
And truth stands by my side
Roads I've walked through
Lips I've talked to
Say that I'm alone tonight
Just give me your sweet touch
I won't ask too much
Heal the wounds so bare
Outside's haunting, beauty's flaunting
Five hundred miles I stare

The road will lead me farther
It's lessons always roll
This trip will mark its scars on me
And truth will take its toll
With all there is to learn from it
And roll on in the great path it will wind
Even five hundred miles away
It's miles on my mind

Even five hundred miles away
She's miles on my mind

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