About MikeMangioneLyrics.com

What is this site all about?

As of the writing of this page, there is no single place on the internet to go to look up the lyrics to Mike Mangione's music. Supply met demand and here we are.

Who is Mike Mangione?

I'm glad you asked. Mike Mangione is a musician from the Chicago/Milwaukee area. You can visit his MySpace to hear some of his songs. Or you can go to MikeMangione.com to learn more.

This music is really great! How can I help support Mike financially?

You can buy CDs through Mike's website. You can also buy his music on iTunes. Of course, you can't get t-shirts through iTunes. You'll have to visit his site for that.

Where could I go to hear him live?

Check his tour schedule. If you live in the Milwaukee area, you can often see him in a more intimate small-venue setting at Linnemans' Riverwest Inn.

How does this site work?

Since, as noted, there isn't any one particular site for Mike Mangione lyrics, this site is building from the ground up. That means most of it has been transcribed by ear (with some sheepish corrections when we noticed that Tenebrae has liner notes with lyrics included). Mike has helpfully sent in some corrections himself, too.

I know the lyrics to some of these songs. How can I help?

We would love to get your help in compiling the full lyrics. If you have a copy of the lyrics to any of Mike's songs, email them to aaron@aaronmorey.org. You'll not only have our eternal gratitude, you'll also get a thankful mention on the lyrics page.

What's wrong with this site?

This site goes through frequent changes and updates. We test as thoroughly as possible, but there may still be small glitches we haven't found yet. Notify the webmaster and he'll get on it lickety-split.